Peace Among the Chaos

I race the sun light through streams of trees

I run so fast, too fast to breath

Jump and dodge joins in my beat

I sprint to tree, from tree to creek

My world spins while the sky falls down

I stop by a cliff as did all sound

Laughter fades when I look at my town

Below the cliff there is nothing but ground

I run with hesitation to my once called home

Then fall and stare at the ashes being blown

I race against my mind to cease

Reason for the chaos among the peace

People emerge from the forest with fear

Children cry, women moan, men’s eyes spilling tears

War’s chaos could only had brought forth it’s birth

Yet those with strong eyes say it was all work of earth

We sit round a circle and plan for tomorrow

Women stand and dance to ease our sorrow

Songs grow loud and the lyrics speak of the day loss

While we, the Nacirema hope for peace among the chaos.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired by Horace Minner's "Body Rituals Among the Nacirema"

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