Back to History Made ( part ll )






Thank You God


The King Has Got Us A Ring




In The Kingdom


We Do Roam

Across Roads

Across Their Skull And Bones


Arlington Looms

For Those Who Play

Eastside  /  Westside

Till Our Dying Days


The Godfather Said

What The Godfather Wants


She Said I Know

The Greek Gods

And The Leader

Of The Hunt


I Said Baby

I Ain't That Well Versed

Give Me A Break

We Just Broke The Curse


It Been On

For Way To Long

It Went Back To Rocky

And Burying

Indian Bones






Author's Notes/Comments: 

We Broke The Curse



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In my mind it is even bigger

Like I think it is how you are thinking.

Bur you would like  "  The Big Lovefest  "

That is going on right now.

The parade is going to happen

Downtown today.

And it is packed.

Ohio only has about 11-12 million.

And there is going to be at least a million



One big party since Father's Day

In the 216.


A code I'm not in

But I Am.

Sassylass's picture

In spirit of it

I say yay,


BUT I no longer do crowds.

 I seek quiet places.partying is for the younger , and then it's not the social thing it was way back when.

love, flower child




Poetry is passion,imagination & soul mixing together....



KindredSpirit's picture

Me neither

I never have liked crowds.

We use to have some huge concerts .

This is a great celebration

Just got a chance to watch just now.

They estimate the crowd at 

1.3 million at the parade in Cleveland.

The party is in Akron

Tomorrow night.



It feels Good to feel Good  !

No one has ever come back

Like the Cavs came back.

Sassylass's picture


believe land


have faith

break curse

expect in full

a reverse


cant lose

shall win

step out

live again

Poetry is passion,imagination & soul mixing together....



Sassylass's picture




for the worse

put your old bones

in a hearse


so take time

for conversation

alleviates the blues

there's new reverberation

Alternate uplifting views


neighborhood needs

a new spin

or it dies and bleeds

begin again


curse can be. Changed

if mind rearranged.




Poetry is passion,imagination & soul mixing together....



KindredSpirit's picture

Maybe your words

Can be concised

To become more.

I like them.

I dont know what the national news is sayin

But the Cleveland Police

Eastimated the crowd

At 2 million.



Lebron could be President