This is not a Joke








He got sat Down

To the Realities

The World Does



What an Imposing World it is.


Blinder Scabs

Swept Away.


Open up your Eyes

Third Wave.


Front and Center

Know You Are Alive


To Experience

Nothing Else

Been Experienced



The Time and Space

Of  Quantum Physics

Have Brought You

To Where You Are.




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12:11 PM

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mrpoofs's picture

I like this one indeed. This

I like this one indeed. This world be scarily imposing. hoping new experiences will be on the horizon for you.

KindredSpirit's picture

Thanks poofs

Glad you liked it.

I would think you would understand.

People don't know

What they are getting into

Until they know.


Ho ho ho

Do they ?

KindredSpirit's picture

I had some one in mind

When I started writing this.

It is universal though

And a poem in a bigger sense

Of living in a time

Like never before.

An Awakening in a Bigger sense of the Word

And then the realization

Words can't solve everything.