But ( the title ) new to old

To: Who From: Me







I wouldn't want to miss speak

But I still love to read what you write

You might of missed a word or two in there

( would I bullshit you ? )


But the deepness of the complexities

Starts to lose it's value to the naked eye

When the synapse's in the brain begin to zombify

To the reverbatation of the alien monotones

That are better left unsaid

Because reading them is quite enough

For them to be encapsulated between the ears



Old Her


Through the years

She didn't want to hear

( no more )

Turning off her

Listening ears

Her brain sputtered and fizzled

Into the bowl of mush

It always was.






4:11 AM

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A new her

And an old her

When they don't know

That I am


About them


4:11 AM

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KindredSpirit's picture

Thanx bishu

The new her has to be better

Then the old her.



I'll leave it at that.

bishu's picture

Nice one

Synapses zombifying... what an expression for sleepy mind