The acid walls

Were melting

As Mona Lisa

Looked at me

Sitting at the bar

In Yogi Bears



My brother drove my Ranger

Half-way through the park

As my she-wolf was peeking into the cab

While riding in the back.


All the eyes met at once

In the lookin box machine


Wolfie started to howl like hell

Seeing what she seen


I heard her through the speakers

Still sittin' at the bar

I said

Damn Wolfie girl

You be given

My closest ear a scar


She said sumthen about feedback

And I said you just ate


Wouldn't you know it

Boo Boo's face lit up

At the Crazy Cake


Dance House

Where everyone was stoned


Come on now

Would I bullshit you


That's where

I keep

Wolfies Bones.




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It was strange

(  but not really )

After I wrote this poem

There was a commercial

Where "  Crazy Cakes  " was their

New catch phrase.


Just sayin'