Mind Is Wandering

In the darkness of the night
Lies one weary body
Her face she tries to cover
While stopping the mind to wander.

The stare is blank
To the infinite darkness
The soul keeps going
The spirit is floating.

Then came the struggle
To catch the fleeing soul
But stubbornness prevailed
It doesn’t want to be hailed.

How do I stop this?
How can I switch off the mind?
I want to be rested
I want to wake-up spirited.

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I can relate to this. If you read my poems you will find that I have written quite a few on such a state. You write very well and I have noticed that you have been here on this site as a member for more than seven years. Don't you write regularly? Is poetry just a venting out of feelings for you? Whatever, you can be a very good poetess if you take it up seriously...God willing. I mean it. Keep writing :)

Muhammad Naveed Ahmed.

Pen name:Emmenay.

Yahoo email ID:Ambitious7

Initials: M.N. Ahmed.

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Thanks so much. I think i've written more than my portfolio here but I never took them seriously. I write on paper napkins, and any paper i see when I'm bored.

I tried to enter in a poetry contest before and 2 of my entries were semi-finalists but then when i was invited to come, I didn't go too. I love to express myself better in writing.

Your words inspired me to do more. I'll probably take this seriously now. Thank you so much.

I'll read your pieces later. :)


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Hey Ash

I guess writers are like that...so many ideas in the mind that need to be documented. I'm just too lazy to stand up and write when I lay there in bed but I know there is something in there inside shouting to come out. :)


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oh man I have asked this for

oh man I have asked this for a long time, I have many answers, writing is one, sleeping meds was one for a bit but I do not like them, meditating, tea (robios), writing, oh and painting when it's really bad!

Much Love


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I have the same problem!! Its

I have the same problem!! Its so frustrating. Great piece, keep writing!

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Frustrating Indeed!

Thanks for liking this. Yeah, it's so frustrating not being able to sleep well. :(