what is a miracle

What is a miracle if I may ask…….? Everybody is searching for one only a few has receive it. I think that a miracle is nothing but a hope or a dream that become reality. However, how come only a few amount of people has found a miracle. Some goes to church everyday praying GOD for one and some even goes to the worst thing which is the devil so that they could receive a miracle. Furthermore, there
is some people who don’t go to church they stay home and pray and they end up receiving a miracle. The reason why only a few receive a miracle is because they never lose hope. Some people believe that a miracle will happen to them if they constantly pray for one. noooooooooooo it does not work like that see a miracle is nothing but a hope that we have but does not believe that it could happen. We only call it a miracle when it finally happens. Usually people just sat down and look up at the sky and wait for a miracle to happen if it really works like that then everybody would of find a miracle. Hope is something that u never supposed to give up on. If u ever gives up on hope it will end up turning into nothing but a broken dream. However, if u never give up on hope if U chase it to the end no matter how hard things get just keep on hopping then that is when A MIRACLE WILL HAPPEN FOR U. it will never happen if u just sat there and wait for it u have to chase it before u can get it.

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