Getting Up Again

When someone close to your heart leaves for awhile,
you don't wanna smile.
never wanting to say goodbye,
all you wanna do is cry.
When they leave,
you can't breathe.
Beneath the trees,
you feel a breeze.
It lifts you up into a dance.
Then you wanna go to France and give it a chance.
You dance where ever you are,
even if its far or in a car.
You could dance on a train,
even in the rain.
You can dance in the street,
great everyone you meet,
feel the earth beneath your feet,
and feel the beat.
Then you take a seat
and feel complete.
You can dance with no end.
No one can ever stop you.
Then you wonder why you were so blue.
Whats wrong with being you?
YOU is who you wanna be.
YOU is what makes you so free.
YOU is who you are the best at being.
Whats the point of disagreeing?

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