Rock Bottom

     Perseverance, so many think in this world today,

that its when you keep going if lifes going good,

     So what then do you do when lifes not going good?

do you stop living cause its not fun?

     Or, it's to hard.


     When your lost and astray, going the wrong way,

 your falling apart and don't know were to start,

     Trying to find a thread of light to sew up your broken heart,

stumbling, from the sorrows on your sholder,

     You think, won't it ever get easier?

When you feel like this Just remember,

If you hit Rock Bottom the Only place you can go is UP.








Author's Notes/Comments: 

Hope this helps someon.

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Really enjoyed this, as I did

Really enjoyed this, as I did all your other poems, I especially loved lines eight and nine--trying to find a thread of light.... They were truly lovely.  :-)

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thanks that was nice

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Very nice, I like how you put the words together.