Don't Stop Kneeling

     When lifes going tough,

and your feeling down,

     When the clouds are grey,

and it seems the sun won't shine,

     When you've lost someone dear to you,

and it seems the tears won't stop,

Don't Stop Kneeling,

     Your lost in the cold wet darkness of sorrow,

and you have no one to turn to, 

     No one to share your sorrow, to cry with,

and your locked up in side by the anger you feel,

     And the people you've known,

it seems for ever, abandon you,

     Just when you need them most,

Don't Stop Kneeling,

     Always remeber theres always ONE who holds your hand,

     He won't leave, or turn his back on you,

     Who is this you say?

Lord God in heaven, so just remeber,

    When lifes at its worst, Don't Stop Kneeling!





Author's Notes/Comments: 

To a friend that's down and out.

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now aren't you the poets poet..

You are great, you have a real talent there young man!

Keep writing!

Keep believing in you!



"One of the best results of life, is the torment of love"

Dylan Eliot

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I get it from my dad:) and

I get it from my dad:) and Thank's !!

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This is very nice, very

This is very nice, very comforting. You must be a very good friend to have too. :-)

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Thank's I like to think i am

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A lovely start for ppoems

A lovely start for ppoems,Welcome aboard.Looking forward to more downloads from your ark.



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Thank you very much