A life of words

Our words define our lives.


For those perceived as dull-witted: their words are uncomplicated

Simple. Honest. Loaded with sincerity and truth.

Their words are based off simplicity. They talk out of necessity 

They are taught to withhold from superfluous speech.

Inarticulate yet wholesome in approach


Then there are the polar opposites.
Elite and sweet-tongued. Words with an agenda and purpose

Be it confusing or well-meant. An endless stream of carefully picked words flow out.

A magnificient waterfall. At times it can pure; derived from glaciers

On other occaasions. Verbally toxic, straight from the Ganges. 


Think carefully of your words. Are they spewed out, without thought or conception?

Or are they poetic and enlightening, concise and preserved?

Perhaps you are a mixture. Confused and dazed.

Unsure of the thoughts and dreams floating in your sapling mind 

Be unafraid of savouring the mystique and magic of words.


They could save your life.


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Very true. I enjoyed this

Very true. I enjoyed this very much.