It's been 10 long years

and more and more I understand

why I'm glad that you're my woman

and I'm glad to be your man.

10 long years,

more than half my adult life,

and honey I'm so glad to call you my wife.


We were in college when we met back then

now the children are in school.

And we're both so much older now,

but I'd have to be a fool

not to see the tiny threads of love

that are binding me to you.

So where we go from here my love

I don't know but we'll see it through.



It's late at night the baby's sleeping

between us on the bed.

I once thought I'd figured you out girl...

I was wrong just so that's said.

As I watch you lie there sleeping,

it still messes with my head-

how wonderful to have a woman

as a lover and a friend.


I've tried to say this all before

but I could never get it right.

3 kids and 3 continents

humbly by your side.

Dear God if you're listening

please bless this love of ours.



For 10 years I've watched you grow now

to the woman that you are.

The more I see the more I'm greatful

that we've made it safe this far.

And though the mystery's still unfolding

I sit spellbound hour by hour.

Now I know that there's a thing called love

cause I have felt it's power.


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