Drowning – the final count

how strange it is for a man that loves the Sea

to find himself

after a life time

dry drowning

a victim

not of the Sea sirens at all but

simply put

the mammalian diving reflex

I have scorned

this baptism

as I go down

for the final count

there is no panic now

I’ve passed the

breath hold break point

gone the old familiar

gasping after breath

and I for once

am speechless

evolution by immersion

I’ve beaten the

breathing reflex


I feel the air way

involuntarily relax

here on the brink of


I feel the Sea

inside me

and for the first time

I feel wet

this is not drowning sorrows

this is not betting on

the slim chance of surviving

a cold water drowning

this is not the delirium

of asphyxiation

but an awakening

to the fact that

you too have been


that the Sea and we are one

and in her bosom

are undone

as I awaken from that sea

of my own


naked and


I find that I can

stand on tip toe here

the sky is blue and the water


and You

stand waving

at the shore

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