Susan left her's like a finger print on everything she touched.

Jennifer bore her's like a weight that hung around her neck.

Loraine´s was a house secure from which she peered out at the world.


All these pretty women, every where I go!

Wonder what it´d be like to be the one who knows?

Wonder if she´s wondering too? Oh come on Baby let´s go!


Some women wear it easy.  Some women wear it light-

Artificially extracted and applied just right,

then dress it up in something tight, and use your fantasy.



Walking with my old lady, wondering what went wrong,

wondering why we´ve got to build her's up like a house up from the ground...

By the time we get the roof put on we both will have grown old.

Chorus 2:

All these pretty women, every where I go!

They say we´re not the body, that all we are is soul.

Here she comes again, Oh, I really want to know.

Chorus 1:

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Eric Cockrell's picture

good rhythm... a touch of cynicism/bitterness. you are very good. eric