The nice thing about

doing it on paper is

you can really concentrate

on the matter at hand -

no having to worry about those

nasty perpendiculars.

I thought I'd worked out

all the right angles,

thought I

saw clearly...

And you

come slithering

your serpentine silouette


over my geometry.

Sometimes I wonder

how you can see the relationships

at all, staring

at your navel like that.

So why all the (con)fusion

as soon as we crawl

off the sheets?

How come I can´t see nothing

but empty space.

It's hard

to keep your head

on the horizontal when

all the hammer and anvil work

happens on the vertical.

I guess the trick is to make

the connections without


those right angles, eh?

Guess I´m

trying to say thanks

fo(u)r that extra dimension.

Now how can we ever

keep or perspective respectives

clear long enough

to get it down

on paper?

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