drowning 2

how strange it is for a man

who loves the sea

to go down on her


cruelly and in contempt

of the laws

of hospitality

gagging, sputtering, gasping

a seaman´s life if passing

straining, struggling, grasping

with every breath he´s passing

a life lived on her bounty

in a second

put on trial

a life weighed and found wanting

then (s)he begins to fill

with water water everywhere

she bids him come

and drink

with all her wares before him

he kneel (s) he takes-and-eats

there´s a point he stops

to struggle

there´s a point he begins to know

the deeper meaning

of her yielding

the deeper truth she is


a final second of burning


then everything is still

Author's Notes/Comments: 

a response to my brother, author of the inaugural drowning poem.

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