iNtEr nEt


See the brains splat against the wall
See the details see them all
101 ways to kill
choose your weapon choose your thrill
flip a coin, throw the dice
hope the ending turns out nice
the same stuff that makes you ill
will drive another to maim and kill

Chorus:  No time to stop and think.
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See the children with their empty cups.
Click and fill ‘em up.
Monkey see and monkey do…
Isn’t that the golden rule?
Hear the parents so concerned:
“Now kids it’s time you learned-
We know what’s good for you.
Children can’t judge as adults do."

Here come the brave physicians
the psychologists and paediatricians.
But, may I ask, “Just what prescription
do you prescribe for the human condition
Will you build a prison for the mind?
Will you turn back the hands of time?
Is this the blind leading the blind?
Just who do you plan to blame this time?

Psychic violence from school and state
while  cyber-moralists masturbate –
censorship can’t stop the hate.
Better get on-line before it’s too late.
This is Freud’s nightmare in light of day,
uncensored and unashamed.
This is Mithrodotes bitter tonic.
This is Indra’s net in electronic.

The human heart’s a kind of cipher-
You throw in Shakespeare, you throw in the viper,
It ain’t what goes in that gives me the chills.
It’s what comes out that really kills.
We’re standing on the brink of evolution.
You’re the missing link in this solution.
Like the light attracts the moth,
I won’t quit ‘til you turn me off!

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The internet is pure evil and pure eutopia combined in some sort of unholy hybrid. You get a completely idividually controlled environment free of censorship and laws, but along with that comes all the depravity and underhandedness inherently ingrained into the human pysche. It is quite a phenonmenon. I love it. Cool poem, I like it, I like the way you write it reminds me of Dr. Seuss combined with a touch of intellectualism. Okay then bye bye now. Sincerely Monk