on the witches of Salem

let the bitter


try and tell

offspring of chaos

daughters of men

sons of god

the sacred lot

doth not lie

if (im)mortal ye be

then heaven help thee

for dying shalt thou


a corn of wheat thy


falls an eye

for pride a

tooth for truth

an issue of blood

on the earth once spilt

crieth out unclean



serpent’s head

bruised bears witness

the destruction

of the flesh

the soul's salvation



the price of

lost innocence

the lord giveth and

then the lord

doth take

thou shalt not


to deny his affections

doth but

whet the appetite

kindles and feeds

the flame of desire

the lord is a



thou shalt not love

nor lie upon the

earth nor nurse

upon her breast nor

pluck the bounty of

her excess

thou shalt not

untie the umbilical

noose no

gods before me no

not one left

to piss against the wall of

my contempt

thou shalt not eat

thou shalt not drink

thou shalt not see

thou shalt not speak

thou shalt not hear

thou shalt not dream

neither shalt thou fear

may the earth receive

the unyielding flesh

may fire purge  


of conception

may wind

spread the

ashes to dust

of paradise lost

may water rinse

the earth of blood

not yet shed but

yet not silent

the lord bless and


thee and the

fruit of thy


the presence of the

high and

hol(e)y one rest

upon you and

your kin

and the kin of your


amen amen thy


amen amen the lord

doth come

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is a response to "Women of Salmem" (by JM, also posted on postpoems.com).

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Eric Cockrell's picture

very well written, tho i fear if i'd been there(who knows?) i'd have been on the wrong side of the fire. pity how humanity uses "God" to hide from the ecstatic. eric