I Fear The Future

I fear my life won’t be a success

I fear my world will become a mess

I fear time will go too fast

But most I fear that I’ll regret my past

I fear my existence will be a waste

Just because my youth wasn’t aced

And I fear my best isn’t enough

I fear my road will be too tough

Why can’t I stay young?

And have loads of fun

Reluctant I am, it will come

I’m scared to think what the future will hold

I really don’t want to get old.

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I like this poem because, it really reflects on how I feel too! I fear my future, and i don't want o grow up! So I think this poem is aweosme my favourite line in it is: " But most I fear that I’ll regret my past """ "

Because personaly I am worried I will regrette my past. Ok lol, enough about me. This poem rocks! :)