I'd give anything...

Going back a summer ago, when we spent most our times at the beach

So many things we laughed about, when it was just you and me.

You took my hand my god i didnt want you to let go

When i looked into your eyes, i saw that warm glow.

Its to late to change things now we wouldnt have a chance

Even though in my mind i thought it would last.

You said you'd never forget me or the good friendship we had

Everytime you braught up another girl it just made me so mad.

Its my fault for the broken hearts we gained

But all those memorys still remain.

All i have left are poems i write

along with the pain that i hide at night.

I wish i could just touch you again

Perhaps even call you my bestfriend

To see your smile hear your laugh, i'd give anything...

I should have spoke my mind, but i didnt know how

Its one thing that i regret now.

My heart is finally feeling better

even though i'll feel lost forever.

I'd keep you locked in my head

But i still try forgetting you instead.

The last hug i recieved from you

the last goodbye i got from you...

we went our seperet ways, who knew?

I wish i could touch you again

perhaps even call you my bestfriend

To see your smile, hear your laugh, i'd give anything...

Kailamarie Mack

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