the greatest weapon is love...

Every day and every night

the same thing happens, we always fight.

For different reasons we cant get along

But the reason i wont leave you,is a reason to wrong.

Maybe if i be quiet,things would be different?

Maybe if i just sit there,you'll stop the emotional beating.

Everythings my fault, no matter what i do

doesnt matter how hard i try i can never please you.

what if i lie? and agree with everything you say

i'll pretend to be happy, and maybe everything'll be ok.

you dont understand how much i hurt inside

you dont understand how much you make me cry everynight.

I wish my life where easy no guilt,and no pain

i've lost my sence of feeling, i no longer feel sane.

Maybe next time i'll be brave enough to face you

maybe next time things will be different...


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