True Friend

The Love

Come to think of it everything seems clear

You sat back and let love slip through your fingers with fear 

That reality was exactly as it had been before

You left me begging you to be something more


I realized slowly that you love me so dear

That you were not ready for anyone to be near

I understand the hesitation now in its form

For your heart was frozen over and nothing can make it warm.


Youre the puzzle I'll never solve, and your pieces are scattered

Yet somehow you're easy to figure out but only in tatters 

I know it seems like I've been so distant

But I was battling the powder that left me inconsistent.


You forced my tired eyes to wake the fuck up

And to this I'll never repay you enough 

You showed me real love with your concern for me

So know in my heart for you I'll always have empathy.


When the world turns toward the dark side of the moon

Ill be right there, watching out for the wolf that is you

Making sure that your hunt is going well

Ill drag you back if you fall into hell


No matter the circumstances that stand before

You will forever be the friend that I adore

Ill never forget what you've done for me

Even if we were never meant to be


Know that when you feel alone and frozen

Im a flame that will always be open

Consider me your angel when you feel you're in hell

No matter what, I wish to see you well.


Because that's what friends are for.

A special thanks to you for helping me out

When no one else addressed the problem.

I love you

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KindredSpirit's picture

I love this

Such devotion.