The Pixie Dust

Two am is the worst

I'm forced to face my depression

Staring it down in its cold, black eyes

No more forcing repression.

Worthless fuck
It spits at me
I cry into my pillow

I can't make it stop
It threatens to swallow me
I feel it's razor sharp teeth
Sinking in deeply.

Ripping open my skin
It wants to be let in
I can't hold it back
It's starting to win

And it's taking over me
I can't win this peacefully
Blood will be shed tonight
For I still fear the reaper.

They say change your mind
It will make it go away

But I read the fucking books
And this weight is here to stay.

Positive signs end up negative
And I find myself collapsing aghast
My eyes begin to shut to slits
A dark, solomn sleep at best

But when I wake, it'll linger
A ghost of the night before
Waiting for me to come home
Knowing I'll be back for more. 

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borbug's picture

wery strong emotions penned

wery strong emotions penned here, pain, anger, sadness, sorrow, but also beautifuly catched grief, i liked it a lot, it is wery powerfull

KindredSpirit's picture

Like the write

Sorry for your pain.