The Love

I love you

Plain and simple yet so distraught in complication

I noticed you

And I craved knowing the most intimate side of your brain

I desperately wanted to crawl into bed with you

And let the cliche of a good time be what defined us

But it wasn't.

Oh, no, I saw beautiful agony behind eyes so green that drew my breath away

I witnessed more than a good time, but really saw myself 

As beautiful, held captive by your crooked smile

And a laugh that keeps time to my heartbeats

And the way you speak, oh, the way you speak

Your voice like honey,  so smooth and sweet

I could listen to you forever

I want to be the one to listen forever

But complications, my dear

For we shall fear the sheer will of those who steer the direction of this affection. 

We know what we know and with knowing we find our answer

Dear one, I love you.

And you'll never know it.

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I Love this. KS

I Love this.