For Dad

I'm writing this for you dad,

because I know you will be so sad.

The emotion I see on your face,

will cause my heart to have an empty space.

I know of no harder ship to sail

than the one that has started to fail.

A life is worth a million smiles,

to save a life I know you'd walk a million miles.

Time is unending,

it allows for no re-sending.

It offers a hat for shade,

then turns and laughs at what it has made.

Time is a wheel constantly oiled,

Time is a rattler, constantly coild.

Time is an unending hymn,

Time works on its every whim.

Watching is no fun,

it makes our eyes and noses run.

Loosing someone special to you

Just makes you want to cry out boo-hoo.

Loosing a friend isn't easy to do

Neither is loosing a sister, too.

Far across the land,

Imagine you together hand in hand.

An unending river of tears

the pain will remain for years

From the hardships you felt

to the times your heart was ready to melt

A best friend is all one can ask for

Never could anyone ask for more

Time calls to all

And we must all,

        at some time,


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