Little Monster Alzheimer

At first he starts out small

No one notices him at all

He sits still as a stone

He only acts alone

He moves, right now, only once in a while

And sits back down every time with a smile.

Watch him closely and soon you'll see

Exactly why I'm terrified of him, terrified, yes me

He sits in the corner of my grandma's mind

Stealing her memories one at a time

He sits there and his eyes laugh at me

Knowing exactly what I can see.

The little monster that once was so cute

Is now big and tall and dressed in a suit

From every memory the little moster ate

He grew more with each meal, impossible to sate

Every time the little bugger moved

A precious memory was damaged, or removed.

As the little monster grew

He turned the memories he ate into a stew

He threw the stew into every face

Laughing as it splattered all over the place

No one knew at all how to react

This little black monster had to be accepted as fact.

Every attempt to stop the litle monster was bust

He turned every effort into dust

He took up more space in her mind

Making words difficult to find

He began to eat memories year by year

As each began to notice, they shed a tear.

The little monster isn't so little any more

He eats up details by the score

A word over here, a name over there

All the small missing pieces are adding up everywhere

The monster's teeth and claws grow larger

The good days spread out, farther and farther.

Little monster is now a teenager with a vengence

And grandma's memory is paying the penance

A death in the family is all it takes

To deliver to Monster a memory meal of steaks

He gobbles them all up real fast

Grandma becomes stuck in her head, far away in the past.

Little Monster is now an adult

She can't take care of herself, it all his fault

Once again Monster stares at me grinning ear to ear

My heart stumbles and I quake in my boots with fear

This same fate could be in my future as well

There isn't any real way to tell.

Little Monster is all grown up now

I want to destroy him, but the question is how?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 12/5/08.  This is about my grandma's alzheimers.  I think it also works without the last two lines... let me know what you think.

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