Stars Singing Softly

we all know the twinkle twinkle song

but did you know

there's another that's been around ever so long?

it's the song of the stars

which you can hear every night;

the basses with Mars;

the tenors with Jupiter, far from sight;

Casseopia leads the altos well;

sopranos with Beetlejuice the story tell.

a song not many care to hear

it floats through the night

looking, changing from ear to ear.

ending with the morning light

the unending song is never the same

often diminuending as soon as it came.

the silence of sweet music

as sung by these stars.

the sun not wanting to listen refused it;

cuts out the song, all the lights in wars.

despite the hard fight

all the stars fight with all their might.

the song isn't the same for each

changing on mood, vision, and fear.

always willing and able to teach

able to help if allowed to be near.

the stars each night sing loud

through moonlight, water, and cloud.

there is nothing that compares to the song;

to this symphony there is nothing to compare.

everything else just sounds so wrong,

so tired, so worn out, so full of wear.

like rain falling to the ground

like a whirlpool spinning round and round.

my song is different

from yours and yours and yours.

this song has made a dent

and filled my very pores.

I had to write about these soft stars

and their song that turns heads and stops cars.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 1-3-08.  I have no idea where I got this clue at all.

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