Dream of Lightening

It was like a bolt of lightening

And at points it was frightening

It coursed through me like a stream

It felt like it wasn't a dream.

Decked in my work shirt

Looking down at the dirt

I look up after you say my name

I never head that you came.

My name was like music in my ear

When I looked up, you were so near

You took one more step forward

But your touch was no where near hard.

Your lips touched mine

And the whole world melted into a line

There was no space, there was no time

I was yours and you were mine.

We stood far apart

We stood locked at heart

We were connected by one line

Connected body to body, mind to mind.

I could hear what you thought

Felt what you fought

And still I didn't care

You were there.

We stood in that moment forever

Neither wishing for it to sever.

Both our bodies screamed for more

Holding back was definitely a chore.

In your head I could hear you screaming

And I didn't comprehend its meaning.

The passion I wished to follow

Was something I didn't want yet to swallow.

You pulled away first with a shout

It took a minute to understand what it was about

"Stop!" you shouted as you pulled away

As I reached out to make you stay.

It was almost too much

For us to continue to touch

My blood pounded through my veins

As I revelled in the imaginary pains

As I stared at you through the space between us

My mind raced as to how to make a fuss

But I could see in my own just as clearly defined

The plan that was in your mind

I don't remember what it was

Or anything after that because

I awoke with a sudden jolt

And this wonderful dream came to a halt.

And now this dream has of a sort been recorded

As much feeling expressed as can be afforded.

For it is hard to translate into rhyme

What was experienced in so little time.

This dream that for a moment I thought was real

I'm wondering is it my psyche's appeal

To my real world life

To act on my emotional strife.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This was a poem I wrote so that I would have some way to remember a very vivid dream that I had.

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