Be Gone

The things I think of

     now hurt me inside

I was fine until you

     put yourself back in my life

I'm pretty sure I should be

     so terribly mad at you

But I can't find it in me

     to even think of you.

Every thought burns me

     with shame.

Every thought now

     tortures me with flame

Why did I let you take what

     was mine to give?

Why did I let you into my

     solitary world?

You don't belong here,

     get out of my mind.

I don't want you here,

     you've done enough.

I was just fine with

     you out of my life

Why did you have to

     intrude again so rudely?

I want you gone,

     banished from my mind

I want you gone,

     erased from my life.

I want you gone

     never to cross my thoughts again.

You will be gone;

     My life is my choice!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

About a person in my life that I could do without...November 30, 2009

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