Forgive Me

I read your stuff

And I felt as if

I was in the middle

of the street

Dead quiet

A single light

shone in my face

It shone through me

and displayed me for

all to see me

a rainbow

I keep thinking

about you and how

similar we are and

the connection we share

we fit like a

puzzle and get

along so well

"Male me".

I want to talk more

but I don't want

to push myself

on you, to make

it uncomfortable

I don't know how to

make this comfortable

from my end

I can't help

but worry

I'm going to royally mess this up and

then you won't want

to be my friend

and I'll feel so

terrible I'll

have to write

more poems

Forgive me.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 12/23.  Self explanitory.

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