Do you Live or do you Exsit.

what i'm trying to say is

do you matter or are you just here

are you invisible to others

will you just wither away while

nobody notices or

do people kow you

care about you

love you

have you made an empact

on the lives of others

will people miss you when your gone 

do not be that person that people berely remember passing by

imprint yourself into this world Refuse to be forgoten refuse to be imvisible

make yourself matter in this world so that people will have known that you had not only lived but truly existed


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This is great, It will leave

This is great,

It will leave me pondering all day!

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Being "loved" all depends on

Being "loved" all depends on a person's concept of what love is, doesn't it? Some people, (undoubtedly many) "think" they know what love is, or what love "should" be, by what others have told them love is. But if people are honest with themselves on a gut level, they would have to admit that love changes, just the same way people change. In fact, the only thing, I believe, we can say remains constant in this human life is change itself, no? So of what importance is it to a person who has a distorted "constant" of what love is, to care about what impact they make upon the world, no matter how "high"or "low" their standard of living is perceived by another, (truth existing only in the moment)? It gets down to an exploited ego. If they breathe, they live, no? Even if they are useless creatures, they still live, however uselessly until they aspire to feel the uselessness and desire to seek within themselves why they have become so useless. Because you cannot force insight onto another... there comes a point for everyone..."sink or swim"...whilst alone in one's own private hell. 


My big brother always used to say... "after the age of 15... everything has been set in place. There is little else to learn except for what will add to whatever foundation has been placed".  I think it may be true. 

? What say you?



Oh yes, and I loved the write. made me think. ;-)



...and he asked her, "do you write poetry? Because I feel as if I am the ink that flows from your quill."

"No", she replied, "but I have experienced it. "


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i was writting from a hurt

i was writting from a hurt and confuse place my fathers friend who was like another brother to me  lost  a long battle with cancer sunday  and i remember when he first found out he was going to die my brother ask him what would he have done differently he said if he could go back he would live because even though he was alive he never felt like he was living he said he stood by while life past him by he never fell in love he never enjoyed his life he told us that life was not promised so we had to experiance all the things it had to offer.he tolds us that even the little things mattered like spending time with family or helping an old women cross the street  he had worked at a  bussiness company cleaning floors and bathrooms almost all his life and sometimes the poeple would forget he worked there he said he hated that he was invisible to them but he never had the curage to quit and find somting better. he said the reason that half the human race was suffering is because they chose to remian silent they did not know how to fight for what they wanted how to enjoy the life they were given how to stand up for themselfs how to heal and move on.  to die with such a regret  made me feel bad for him. well what  i'm trying to say is i'm not forcing my insight onto people that was not my intention all i'm saying is don't let live pass you by, go after your dream don't let people step on you ,stand up for what you feel is right, don't let life make you a victim you can die the next day we been put on his world not to wait for death so why not do the things we want to do its human nature to regret.i see people do it every day i wish i had gone to school,i wish i had been there for her, we live our lives like its too late one misteak and its all over we give up and just wait for death but why. sorry i think through writting so every thing in my head ends up on paper or on this site. P.s  none of those motherfucks at hes job came to his wake or funeral.

29 years of wishing he could do somting better. 59 years wishing that he had felt alive fate too cruel. 4 people at his funeral 4 people knew that he had exsisted no family just 4 friends thats the Reason for this write everything may be set in place but it doesin't mean that things wont fall apart. as for love its undifineble but it says someone needs you someone can't live whitout you.

Fritz etheart

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So true, KD....and things

So true, KD....and things most often never go as planned. Be sure about that. Life is short. Enjoy every moment, and never regret, because man makes big "plans"....the gods....they laugh. Laugh with them!!! -peace-


...and he asked her, "do you write poetry? Because I feel as if I am the ink that flows from your quill."

"No", she replied, "but I have experienced it. "