I'm looking In your eyes... Their cold and colorless
I don't remember them that way, what changed?
What happened to those eyes full of shimmering stars...

What happened to that heart that was once  full of warmth...

Now your cold and it hurts!
I know you still love me but you suffer!
I wish I can talk to you but the barriers we've put up are way too high! Be cold
My darling but once I'm gone trust me you'll regret everything and you'll cry tears of blood shed...

 But no matter what I still love you even thou I hardly know you anymore....

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This really speaks to me..

This really speaks to me.. Right now.

It reminds me of my best friend who I love

dearly but times have changed and so have we.

Its sad, but I almost feel free?


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Its a pain that i understand

Its a pain that i understand  thank u for taking the time to shere 

Fritz etheart