Yearn for You


This frustration,

It eats me inside.

I run and run,

But I cannot hide.

I want her here.

In my arms to stay.

That she might love me,

This I pray.

Under my thoughts and failures,

Bury me now.

I will always love you,

This I vow.

Please let me in

On secrets untold.

With you the rest of

My life will unfold.

I now admit

That you have my heart.

And now that you have it,

Don't tear it apart.

I miss you so much

You don't understand.

I want to kiss you

And hold your hand.

To look in your eyes

I'd pay any price.

Just hearing your voice

Will not suffice.

I yearn for you

And your sweet touch.

I might think about you

Entirely too much.

I don't care how much I think

Or how often I dream.

You're the one for me

So it would seem.

So stay true to me,

And I to you.

Tell me you love me

And I'll say it too.

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