I'm going insane

Because I'm not with you.

I just can't help it.

Think about you is all I can do.

I try to take you off my mind.

It hasn't worked too well.

You obviously mean a lot to me,

That I can already tell.

I just wonder

Are you thinking of me?

When you close your eyes

Is it me that you see?

I see you,

Asleep or awake

And everytime

My breath you take.

How I want you to be

In my arms again.

I'll meet you anywhere

Just tell me when.

What I wouldn't give

To look into your eyes.

I'd do anything for you,

But is that a surprise?

To hear your voice

I would run any distance.

I'd go any length.

I'll show my persistence.

And for another kiss

I'd give you my soul,

Because to earn your love

Is my ultimate goal.

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