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"I haven't done the activity scenes previously," says Vikander, wearing red lipstick and a puffy white pullover when she takes a seat to talk at the Four Seasons Hotel. "I had seen stunt young ladies who were to a great degree female yet had that physicality. It resembled, 'I need to do that, as well.' " Vikander demands she was a gigantic aficionado of the Tomb Raider computer game growing up, and she had demonstrated her own particular coarseness, exceeding expectations in thorough expressive dance preparing for a long time with the world class Royal Swedish Ballet School. 
"I'd put ballet dancers as a portion of the hardest individuals out there on the planet," says Magnus Lygdback, the coach essentially in charge of getting Vikander in real life star shape. "I knew she would bring it and be Lara Croft." Playing the earth shattering female activity character additionally required Jolie to wear unthinkably tight outfits as the noble English prehistorian, treasure seeker and tomb pillager. Alicia Malone, reporter for motion picture site Fandango.com, calls the past film incarnation an image of female strengthening, however "the Lara Croft character was excessively sexualized, with her little outfit and overstated bosoms lessening her to a question for male joy." 




[Post] Tomb Raider Movie Full Online Watch Free

[Post] Tomb Raider Movie Full Online Watch

[Post] Tomb Raider Movie Full Online

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[Post] Tomb Raider Movie

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