You're Worth It


If she only knew what she was worth
More than precious stones, diamonds unearthed
The potential she possesses
Pregnant with purpose, future successes


My love wastes her treasures
Beauty and mind
I write this for you
I write this as truth
Because of high hopes
That you won't allow the ropes of life
To tie you down
Hold dreams hostage
Cause you to frown


I'm on my knees
I present to you the crown
My queen, new royalty, renowned


If she only knew what she was worth
Her confidence would be flowing,
A renewed existence, rebirthed
Mindset changed,courage showing


Allow me to love you
Your feelings, I'll attend to
Again and again every day, Deja vu

I'll make a way to get there
When you need me, please be
Strong enough to call
I admit, sometimes you will fall
Get back up, You're worth it
I repeat, You're Wor th It
Once again, YOU'RE WORTH IT!


You're not Unfit
If you were a stock,
And I, an investor
I'd buy you after a split
Just so I can have more shares


I love you with all my heart
Cliché, I know, but I can't stand it
When we're apart


Your value to me, is more than that of gold
Put on goggles and see you from my eyes
Purity and Perfection, Twofold



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Miss.Jenna's picture


Who is this about? Im crying. Plus!!! I have nothing to correc you on this time.. wtf!!? lol <3

JustinJamaal's picture

Jenna. . .

Who do you think it's about???  Aww thanks for the appreciation!?

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