As I Just close my door to my world

I Open the door to THE world.

SOOooooooo I Breathe in (breath in) 


Take it all in.


Airs somewhat cloggier than my space

At least im free from all that fag taste

And here, the Journey, begins.

Door to door about 58 minutes 

Not including stops at the shops 

and the inevitable wait at the bus stop

The electronic boards are always bad with timing  

Transport For London? Pssssh more like Thanks For Lying




About this time I ruffle and shuffle

Untangle my Earphones and cause quite a kerfuffle

unwinding the sound lines 

looping them in and out of their binds

pulling and squeezing

making sure the copper coil isn't easing 

cos they can give you a sharp prick! 

for some reason that always happens on my fingertips,

and then they itch.

Oh the mechanics of me

brought to thought 

about my whole existence 

as soon as something malleable penetrates my shell.

I'd look at the spot of blood and be rather..........disappointed 

Why couldn't it be green? or maybe Purp...Orang...Blue?

At least then my suspicions would be true

That I'm not of this World Planet or Region

Coming from entities who celebrate happiness every season

Wandering around pretending to look like us

Just for kicks never indulging in any of the fuss

Just managing to jump out when things get hard

and back in when its all tickles and laughs

And out when its heartbreak or death 

and then back in When Arsenal win, FUCK YES!!!


Yes...yes...That would make me feel blessed

Just to know I'm not like all the others 

who were all born from Mothers

not that id wanna be born by a Brother 

cos that would be...odd.


I feel like I'm just waiting for my powers to be bestowed upon me

Dropped from the skies in a sacred ceremony

Surrounded by Flying Lions 

and Jumping Elephants

Moonwalking dogs


Motorbike riding frogs 

Animals that I can't even imagine 

that to my mind don't even exist

I'm greeted with cheers and smiles 

And theres crowds going absolutely wild!!!

They all know the life I've lived 

And happy that I've got to this bit

Where everything falls into place 

Cos now I  control the ins and outs to my desired taste


And it tastes so devine 

Like souls entwined 

Embodied in one another filling each and every space

Can you imagine how that would taste?

It would taste...tasty


All these thoughts from looking at this crimson blot on my finger 

These are the things that make my mind linger 

Dreams of being an Ethereal Being

As I look up and all that my Eyes are seeing 

Is the bus that i missed because I was Daydreaming. 












KindredSpirit's picture

I didn't think I would

But I actually do

Like this.


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Why thank you means a lot

Why thank you means a lot ;)