The Long Road Ahead!!

Left then right.

A step into the night.

A gaze at the past.

Your time has come at last.

Pick your head up little one.

There is more to have won.

See your obsticles, not dead.

The long road ahead.

If given one wish.

Wish for the best.

Left then right.

A step in the light.

Shadows can't hold you back.

Let your heart take facts.

Determination is amongst you.

Don't forget to be true.

Life is a listen yet to be learned.

You might begin to yearn.

For the gift to see what has be sought.

The long road ahead.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The long road ahead is things i have to change in my life. we are all given one day, each day you make the best of it and never give in..

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