Dusk: an emulation

it is now

in the early morning

when the sun is not yet thought of rising

and the dusk lies dust upon the empty


lights flicker

and grass soaks in dew

its now

house stills with undone eyes

when lines blur between today and tomorrow


when concrete rests

when clocks echo in hallways and

light blooms a 1/4 of a world


with empty sink

full stomach

tired pen

now when

the tea does not boil over

the counselor doesn't talk

the laughter does not reverberate


the fear comes

i cannot avoid

the memory

of your off-white room

with the angel light

when you first wake

with sleepers kissing

your long


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Absolutely wonderful!

Absolutely wonderful!

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Hey! this is great! Loved the

Hey! this is great! Loved the use of repetition, it really built a lot of suspense!