the time is coming to leave again

           i ache for berkeley

i want to wash my hands clean

                             of too much weed

                             of midnight, go away

go away,  i want to breathe

i need to escape this city or I might

wrap myself up in its old stories and die

i no longer care for old loves, and here i want to,

here i stretch myself to please too many people, go away

go away, i want to breathe

i greet the emptiness of work,

the sadness of being alone,

and the silence of learning,

let me into berkeley,

i got tan and lived it up,

now i'm ready to give it up,

take me,

take me back to berkeley.

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robbie's picture

You have some serious talent.

You have some serious talent. Probably not news. But new to me! =) Thanks for sharing your work.