Falling In Love


I swear to u that i will b there 4 u

anytime u need me i have been hurt

way to many times in my life and i

think if i giveu a chance i can

make a differnce of who i am

and show the true person i am

cuz right now know who the

true me is 4 a guy 2 kno that

and Until Death does me part i promise

to love u and care 4 u for the rest of my life

I kno u want to kno each other 4 longer

and so do i but i think there's something about u

that i can't describe &i normally tell guys by now

that i love then from heaven and back but maybe i might love u in that way cuz its hard to tell a person what

type of relationship u want and u never

find the right the first try

but i have tried to long so i am staring over

Author's Notes/Comments: 

who knos a ture guy by now

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Kris Grula's picture

Reminds me of being drunk and then realising that your in love and being in a kind of lulled out sense of wonder/desire...