I wake up in the morning, 

to you by my side. 

Your beautiful smile, 

Your eyes gazing into mine. 


I lean into you closer,

But suddenly I can't feel you. 

I reach out to touch you,

But you aren't really there. 


My happiness slowly drains,

As I wake up for real. 

It was all in my mind, 

You're weren't really beside me. 


I turn on my back,

To stare at the ceiling. 

Not ready to get up,

And face the reality. 


You're miles away,

No way to reach you,

No way to touch you,

Just a voice in my ear. 


Sooner than later,

You will be there. 

I will wake up, 

To your beautiful smile. 


But until then, 

All we can do is dream. 

Until our dreams,

Turn into reality. 

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im in love

im in love with this. this touches the soul, it gives you the feels. keep up the good work and keep on posting. i love the wayb you bring yourself to worte this stuff. soo raw, so real

Joanna S.