I am no loser but I'm not much wiser than you,

I am just heartbroken, I guess that's true.

I want to be everything at once and then nothing at all

I want to surrender and have someone break my fall.

I want to ignore everyone and still have you call.

I want to be a slave for a day and a bird the next,so I can fly free.

I want to have no mission and try out everything I can be.

I want to disappear from it all and be with the person I love.

I want to be a rebell and also believe in God above.

I want to be stronger, wiser and better

and then confess my weaknesses to you, in a letter.

I want to be in the public eye but no one should know what I'm all about.

I want to whisper sweet nothing's in your ear but when I'm hurt,I want to shout.

I want to be a fool or a loser,

I want to drink as much as I want but I don't want to be a 'boozer'.

I want it my way and then I'll let you have everything you want.

I want to succeede all the time and quite, even when I can't.

I want to be a spirit, soaring fre in the skies.

I want miracles, when I open my eyes.

I want that love that lasts forever and to live in a fairytale

and yet I believe in a life that can grow stale.

I want to be real but I only want to be liked for who I am,

I say I don't care but I still give a damn!

I say I'm over you when I'm with everyone else,except myself.

I say I don't want to be obvious yet I live life on a shelf.

I say I am no fool but not wiser than you,

I'm just heartbroken and I guess that's true.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Being sad about ending a relationship but consciously denying it...until you realise that you are in fact sad and accepting that it's over...

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