Death Approaching

Wind blows as leaves fall to the ground

Fallen from branches which now stand bare

Their end has come as soon yours will too

Standing afar and watching with a petrified stare

Awaiting a savior known not to exist

Resist, I insist

Bring a smile to grief

It enjoys your suffering

There is no relief

You’ll be left alone

The end you elongate

You’ll have no home

Your dark thoughts exaggerate

There is no throne

No king of death

The seeds you had sown

Now steal your last breath

No pity they show

Selfish are intensions

They serve only themselves

Worthless are your creations

Laying in your deathbed

Too comfortable for comfort

Given in and now it’s too late to turn back

Failure is too easy

As your eyes roll back and your claws retract

Your body shuts down

Hell you have just escaped

Only smile, no more need to frown

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love the usage of words