After all this time

Was it meant to end like this?

Perhaps I was wrong in letting myself loose.

Perhaps it was not meant to happen.

or perhaps it was the right person and the wrong time.


Was I suppose to leave your side when no one was there?

Perhaps that would have saved this agony.

Perhaps it would have saved both you and me.

or perhaps I Was destined to stand by you.


Was I suppose to spend so much time with you?

I never knew that I'll get addicted. 

I never knew that you'll take me high and drop me down.

I never knew that you'll mean nothing yet everything to me.


Am I suppose to still love you?

Even though I know you can't be mine,

and will fall apart after some time.

Yet these words shall remain unspoken,

and will remain in my heart as a token.


For all the questions above the answer is yes!

Because I chose to love you,not any less.

My intentions were always clean,

So from now let you be the moon and I shall be the Wolverine.