How Did I

How did I

Come to this?

To be the one

To own your kiss

To make come true

What I’ve always wished

To hold your hand

And rule your lips.

To make you smile

With a simple sigh

To lose myself forever

In your brown eyes.

With each sunset

I reminisce

Every moment with you

Every angel kiss.

My love grows strong

With each passing day

The wind plays our song

As the trees dance and sway

The nightingale sings a symphony

My heart is yours - endlessly.

With every breath I take

I breathe you in

With every morning wake

My embrace you win

With every year gone by

You’ve captured my awe

With deep respect

In your arms I fall.

And every retrospect

Of every moment cherished

You are my one true love

That saved my dreams to perish.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written to someone very special in my life.

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