Taste of Love

I’m bound by chains that I can not break

I’m lost in her eyes and the smile she makes

Just one look and I’m lost in a fantastic space

All I want is to hold her in my arms embrace

She looks like I’ve dreamed, of the perfect girl

There is nothing more beautiful that I've found in this world

When she walks, when she talks I can’t break the spell

Can’t believe with her smile so easily I fell.

When she’s gone I can’t breathe, all inspiration leaves

Can’t hold her long, she don’t belong, only in my dreams.

And when she looks at me, her eyes are oceans deep

I’m close to falling in her arms, but I wake up from my sleep.

I touch her fingertips, and then I move to her lips

I’ve painted the perfect kiss. She’s never tasted

Anything like this…

And when she took me by the hand, we were lost

We couldn’t stand

The feelings deep inside us, we could finally understand…

Why the looks that we gave would bring us to our knees

Is it love we can not taste, or an emotional mistake;

Or just a glimpse of what could have been our fate?

Just a dream that I had, now I’m finally awake.

Left with an emptiness that lingers with her lips I’ll never taste.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired by my imagination..

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