Fallen State

I lost myself

in the darkest of oceans

My fall was caused

by constant explosions

Of emotion

Under an influential motion

Of waves crashing against my skull

Breaching my heart like a knife so dull

And like an angel without wings

To earth I began to fall.

So sweetly I heard the gentle call

But I was lost in the melody

Of a thousand dying seagulls.

My life is in a mess

I’m more cursed than blessed

I’m held down under water

Till I run out of breath

So easily comes the grim of death

I have no strength in me left

The battle is fought inside my head

The martyrs are none

but they bleed blood red.

With deep hunger I’m never fed

But I’ve always wondered

If I’m more alive than dead?

I’m confused in this state of mind

With no answers to questions

I’ll never find.

My legs become weak

And I collapse

As the ground is removed from under my feet

I’ve relapsed…

My demise is complete.

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