Lying Right Beside Her

Lying right beside you

I never thought heaven would be so close

Your lips touching mine,

Each day I long for the most.

Sipping a glass of wine

Is how I feel with every kiss

Intoxicating till I can no longer stand

I’m quickly on my knees and hands.

How did you become my wife,

How did I capture your heart?

A free spirit such as you

Could roam forever

And be as sweet as morning dew

With invisible wings you glide so gracefully

Towards me, with eyes so deep

I’m lost instantly.

I’m without words to express

Each and every moment with you

My love I must confess,

You are my dreams come true..

I’m so glad you’re lying right beside me

In our bed filled with rose petals

And perfumed sheets

You have always been the one

To make my life complete.

8/17/05 By John Paul Salinas 4 his Wife

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