How Can I Walk Away?

How can I ever walk away from this?
If I fell in love with you
And I never kissed your lips.

Watching you is simply bliss
I’m swept away only with your smile
Or when you look up at me
And simply move your hair from your eyes

Still I ask, how can I ever walk away?
When deep feelings beckon me to stay
I’m kneeling asking as I pray
Give me breath for just another day.. to look at her

The ocean in your eyes calm my very soul
I look away just in time so not to lose control.
My hands tremble and I shiver
Painted images of an imagined kiss makes me quiver
And I walk away with tears like rain that forms rivers.

How can I simply walk away from this?
I sleep and you’re in my sub-consciousness
Haunting me with the smell of your perfume that lingers
Hands grip me from hell as I fall on shards of splinters
When you leave I am cold as the Arctic is in winter.

The world spins too fast and I’m confused
Falling isn’t what I was supposed to do
and here I am wanting just to hold you
Nothing Else seems to matter to me
When you make my heart melt, so heart felt.
Don’t you understand I’m fighting myself
Just to keep from losing my perspective
Loving you comes easy to me, but so un-expected
I don’t ever want to be free, yet I know I have to face reality, I'm infected!

Seeing you.. my day glows even brighter
Watching you watch me only makes me fly higher
My arms ache & long to hold you, so many times I’ve told you
Why couldn’t you be mine forever, fate had missed
When we should have met much earlier than this.

How can I ever walk away from this?
Show me how to un-fall in love with you
And yet my heart breaks at the thought
Pain surges through me like I’ve been shot
How can I overcome the power you have on me?
I would love to have you if you and I were both free.
But as fate has it we are bound to be simply friends
And with that I’m given solace
So, tell me, how can I simply walk away from this?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

another poem which I put myself in a person's shoes who can't let go of love not meant to be.

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